7 Places of Power and Energy of the Earth

It is believed that sacred territories are located everywhere on the planet and powerful bio information channels operate them.

Finding yourself in such an area, you’ll be able to feel the reference to the upper Mind of the Cosmos. Thousands of individuals strive to go to such places to induce to understand the unseen better, find harmony within the soul, heal, or increase their abilities given from Above.


One of the exciting and “strong” places is Stonehenge. The traditional megalith is found within the South of England, within the old Salisbury area, about 130 km from London.

Where is Stonehenge

There are several ways to urge to the place. Optimal is to join up for a gaggle excursion from London. The tour costs approximately 80 GBP.

If you opt to go on your own, then you wish to urge from Waterloo Station to Salisbury Station. Comfortable buses depart from there, which can take you to the famous place in 40 minutes.

Stonehenge interesting facts

  • In 1986, Stonehenge was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • The arches of the complex and its stones indicate the points of rising and setting of the Sun and Moon, taking into consideration their movement throughout the year.

  • The complex was built several millennia ago, however, the builders of that point already clearly knew astronomy, geometry, architecture.

According to research, the development of the complex took about thirty million hours of working time.

Pyramids of ancient Egypt

The most famous Places of Power in Africa are the Pyramids of Giza or the nice Pyramids. The complex is found near Cairo on the Giza plateau.

How to get to the Egyptian pyramids

There are several ways to induce the pyramids. The foremost popular and convenient way is to book a fancy excursion. This service is provided in every hotel or resort. If you choose to urge there on your own, then you initially must get to Giza, then change to a bus or taxi which will take you to the pyramids themselves.

Interesting facts about the Egyptian pyramids

  • Inside the pyramids there aren’t any crypts of the Egyptian pharaohs, they’re all located within the Valley of the Kings.

  • According to some reports, the mathematical “Lever Principle” was employed in the development of the piers. However, during this case, the pyramid would be erected in about 150 years, but, as you recognize, the pyramid of Cheops was in-built 20 years, how this was done remains unknown.

  • Scientists from Germany believe that within the pyramids the pharaohs received special energy from the Cosmos.


Another amazing place in the world with powerful energy and natural strength is the Himalayan mountains.

Where are the Himalayas

Even geographically, the Himalayas have their peculiarities. The very fact is that they’re located immediately on the territory of 5 countries: India, Nepal, China (Tibet Autonomous Region), Bhutan, and Pakistan. The Himalayan foothills cover the northern part of Bangladesh.

Interesting facts about the Himalayas

  • The Himalayan Range has formed over 70,000 years ago.

  • Himalayas – home of Lord Shiva

  • The purest medicinal herbs grow within the foothills of the Himalayas

  • The highest point within the world – Everest is found within the Himalayas.

Easter islands

One of the foremost mysterious places on earth is the Easter Islands.

Where is Easter Island

The island is found in Chile, about 3,500 km from land. The closest office is the small settlement of Anga Roa.

Interesting facts about Easter Island idols

  • The main attraction of the island is the moai statues, stone heads, each of which weighs several tens of tons. For what purpose these sculptures were made isn’t known certainly.

  • In 1722, on the day of the celebration of Easter, the primary European reached the coast of the island, the Dutchman Captain Jacob Roggeven became him.

  • Cannibalism flourished on the island for an extended time.

Stratovolcano Shasta, USA

The most popular place of Power within us, an oversized number of tourists come here each year to feel the energy of this mysterious place.

Where is that the Stratovolcano Shasta

The active volcano is a component of the mountain chain, located within the state of California.

Interesting facts about Stratovolcano Shasta

  • According to legend, having climbed the mountain, someone gains wisdom and heals from disease

  • According to some reports, there’s a “door” connecting the globe of the living and also the dead.

Mount Brocken, Germany

One of the mysterious places in Germany is Brocken Mountain. Thousands of tourists come here each year to touch the magical place and otherworldly powers.

Where is Mount Brocken located?

The mountain is found in Germany, within the Harz park.

Interesting facts about Mount Brocken

  • Much information about Mount Brocken is found within the works of Goethe, several times it’s mentioned within the “Faust” of the poet’s immortal work.

Fortingall Yew, Scotland

Our land is known for various places, one in every of which is that of Fortingale Yew.

Where is Fortingale Yew located?

In Scotland there’s the Perthshire region, on its territory there’s a comfy picturesque village of Fortingale, and there’s a church in it, within the courtyard of which this famous tree grows.

Interesting facts about the Fortingall Yew

In this village, Pontius Pilate himself was born, and under the shade of a tree he spent his childhood

He sat by this tree and asked to provide him the strength to rule the globe

Yew may be a male tree with only 1 female branch.

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