Unlock A Temporarily Locked Facebook Account

We are all aware of the amazing attributes of Facebook and
how over more than 2.7 Billion people are using it for several reasons worldwide.
With so much data over social media, the accounts can be at risk of information
being hacked which has become a sensitive issue among its users and even those
considering joining Facebook.   

Behind the Event

It is no doubt that billions of people
on Facebook have their private information published.

Every day, a huge number of posts are shared on
Facebook, where the users are given an upper limit to share 25 posts maximum per
day. The users can share more than 25 as well, but then the reach on other user’s
feed will automatically decrease, which is not a good sign.

This means a huge chunk of data circulates on
social media every day. Facebook monitors all these data and checks for any
violation which goes against their terms and conditions. They have a strong automated
system that extracts any activity that goes against their policies and notifies
the user right there.

With the given facts, there are high
possibilities where Facebook can take security measures like giving warnings
and temporarily locking the account. After locking the account, Facebook
authorities do investigate the matter before allowing the user to unlock it.

Since it is an automated system, mistakes are
likely to happen, where the innocent (who haven’t violated any Facebook
policies) might get their account temporarily locked in the process.

Reasons for locking the account

Temporarily disabling the account can be for
various reasons.


Spamming over Facebook can be annoying. It
distorts the news feed of users and distorts the purpose of Facebook itself.
For this very reason, spammers on Facebook get penalized by their account being
temporarily disabled. This happens when a user either messages, shares, or
posts too much content in a short amount of time which is humanly impossible.


This is a serious case, where if a user is
reported by multiple people for spreading anything offensive on Facebook, then
the account is likely to be disabled. Other reasons include user duplication
like fake accounts, false advertisement, blackmailing, harassment, or sharing immoral
content, likely to be reported.

Suspicious activities

The security system of Facebook is capable of
detecting suspicious activities like hacking or logging in from multiple areas
at the same time. Facebook informs the user through a notification that ‘you
are logged in from an unknown system’ and asks to verify your account whether you
are the real user or not.

Groups Joined

Users sometimes join a huge number of groups over Facebook. For
example, if a student joins more than 200 groups on Facebook for their academic here is the best resource,
the limi
t shall exceed and chances are, the account will be disabled.

The good thing is that, groups like cheap assignment writing service in UK US or any other group will first investigate the profile of
the user who is looking to join the group. If the user is irrelevant and not a
student, then the group shall not accept.

Friend Requests

Facebook is capable of detecting activities such as sending
friend requests. If a user sends multiple friend un-related requests a day,
then there are chances of the account being disabled temporarily. It is said
that there is a limit of requesting a maximum of 500 friends per day. Other
than that, sending too many friend requests in a short amount of time can be
considered suspicious activity and increase the chances of disabling the

Suspicious Links

There are times where certain links are sent to people on
Facebook messenger from unknown users. Opening these types of links (even by
mistake) can cause your account to either be hacked or disabled temporarily. So
it is wise to not open any links sent by strangers over Facebook. The innocents
get into trouble.

How To Unlock A Temporarily Locked Facebook

If you as a Facebook user are faced with a temporarily
locked account, then here is what you can do.

Reset your login information: Facebook
provides options to reset your login information. To proceed, it requires the
user to answer security questions which the user had initially set while
creating their account. This is a way to prove that the user is authentic and


Appeal Facebook: This method is used for
those who had their account mistakenly disabled by Facebook security procedure.
The user can:

Go to Facebook

Enter their private details like phone number
and E-mail ID

Type full name

Click the choose file and attach your ID to
prove your authenticity.

This allows you to appeal to
Facebook and unlock your account.


Ø  Ask
help from friends:
This method is for those who have received a message
saying, ‘for security reasons, your account is temporarily locked’. This is
what you can do:

Go to Facebook

Log in with username and password

Click on ‘Get help from friends’ on the security

Select the friends whom you trust from your
friend’s list

Click on continue

A code shall be sent to your selected friend

Ask your friend for that code

Enter the code on the directed page

The account will be unlocked if the code matches

Bear in Mind

Keep in mind that these processes can take up to 24 hours to
unlock the user’s account. During this time, the user won’t be able to access
their account, until their account is finally re-activated.


It is said that prevention is the cure which is true in this
case. It is advised to just follow the guidelines, take time to read the terms
and conditions, and take precautionary measures to avoid such an incident.
Apart from that, it is necessary to avoid using any proxy where the Facebook
security system is not applicable over proxy browsers. Your account is not
really safe while over a proxy. 

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