Google Pay – Track Towards Digital India

Google Pay
in simple words is one of the quickest modern way of payment in the whole
world. It is powered by the largest search engine google which gives a kind of
guarantee of safety and also keeps all payment information on secure severs. It
also ensures that the full card details are never saved on your mobile phones
or even shared with any outsider while using google pay. When google pay is
used for transactions a confirmation code appears in the app which will assist
us to detect suspicious activity later. This alert confirms where the
transaction occurred along with the name of the person and the amount of
payment or refund. And in case if we misplace our phone or the phone gets
damaged, we can use Android Device manager to either lock your device or perform
a remote factory reset to prevent further Google pay transactions being

It has been authorized by the payment system operator (PSO) that Google pay is
classified as third party app provider which provides UPI payment services like
other applications and is also listed on NPCI website which claim as all TPAP’s
are fully protected by various redressal processes laid out by applicable
guidelines of RBI and customers already have full access to it. It is also a
gentle request to all UPI users not to share their OTP’s (One time password)
and UPI Pin
with anybody.

While you login
the app make sure that you login the same mobile number which is linked to your
bank account. It can be said as it is today’s one of the quickest way to
transfer money to your friends, family and also to pay various bills. It also provides
you cashback in form of scratch cards after every payment through which you
earn various discount vouchers of various brands or you earn cashback. Also it
allows the comfort level of transferring money from one bank to the other by
just filling the Account no. & IFSC code which allows you to transfer
maximum of one lac rupees.

Also this
app is used by everyone as it provides a relief and allows them not to carry
cash with them only a mobile phone would do. Also just scanning a Barcode of
some other person will be just a matter of seconds to transfer money.

But still in
today’s modern world, credit cards are still at the top for safety secure
method of payment to use when you shop online. This is because credit cards use
online security features like encryption and fraud monitoring to keep our
accounts and personal information safe. Also one of the major drawbacks which
people face while using Google Pay is that the network and banking server
issues. As, if the server of a particular bank is down due to connectivity
issues the account may get debited but the payment through Google pay won’t be
completed and the amount debited will be credited back after a couple of hours
or few days. This is the major drawback which Google pay should fix it soon. Till
today Google pay don’t charge their fees to use debit cards or bank transfer it
is absolutely free. It is one of the cheapest service among all online banking
facilities available. It also connects to PayPal which is one of the online
banking application. But only there are some restrictions to Apple users for
using Google pay application.    

As of Today,
Google Pay is right at the top of the charts and hopefully it will maintain its
legacy and continue to dominate and it is also one of the safest app, it is
recommended for everyone to use it, as it will be step of making a New Digital

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