Choosing the best Golang IDE for development

Hey there!! Today I’m gonna speak about the popular Golang IDEs you could use for development. However, choosing the best among them is entirely your choice. Hope this article helps you to find the best for you.


Go is an open-source compiled programming language designed at Google that makes it smoothens the process of developing efficient and flexible software.

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a software application that accelerates and smoothens the development of any application or program. Generally, an IDE consists of Compiler, Code Editor, Debugger, and Build automation tools. If IDEs are not available, a programmer will have to develop, deploy, and integrate programs separately. An IDE makes developers’ tasks simple and undeniably increases productivity.

Here is the list of most popularly used IDEs around the globe,

  1. Eclipse
  2. NetBeans
  3. PyCharm
  4. Visual Studio
  5. Code Blocks
  6. Intellij IDEA
  7. Xcode

Now coming back to Golang, as such Go is not dependent on any particular IDE. Golang language and its libraries work well with most of the commonly used IDES, either directly or via a 3rd party plug-ins. Here is the list of few popularly used IDEs while building applications using Golang-

  • LiteIDE
  • VSCode
  • GoLAND
  • Sublime
  • Eclipse

Choosing the best Golang IDE for development entirely depends on your requirements, tasks, project, and also which IDE you’re convenient working on. So here we go,


LiteIDE is considered to be the official IDE for Go from Google itself. Sharp and definite features of this IDE involve debug mode/sandbox mode and as the name proposes it is extremely lite on computer resources. And the best thing is it is free to download and use.


VSCode comes from Microsoft and is one of the widely used IDEs amongst Go language programmers. It costs you nothing and comes with all the attractive and impressive features which makes it a favorite of developers. Apart from general features that other IDE’s have. It is also capable of running the Go server.


GoLand is one of the most advanced IDEs for Golang. It comprises code refactoring tools and can also produce code. It has excellent error detection and suggestion mechanism. Goland also offers very efficient tools for performance testing and debugging. It has a paid version of the post-trial period hence it costs you something.


Sublime is a light feature-rich IDE. The drawback of Sublime is that it has an annoying and disturbing popup that reminds the programmer to buy a license.


You may be aware that Eclipse is one of the oldest IDE’s with plugin support for Golang along with the ability to set breakpoints for debugging processes. It has paid and free versions as well. It has tons of features but at the same time is also pretty heavy on computer resources.



Golang has come a long way and has a strong ecosystem that involves numerous features and options for the development environment. Try these IDEs and find the one that is perfect for you.

The correct IDE can make working with Golang even more fun.

Thank you for reading it patiently

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