Now, it’s the right time to know about Web
Hosting! Do you want to host the website on your own? By luck, you may get
assistance from a good web host but for remaining people? To go for one’s
credit, it is very tough for searching for an expert in hosting website. So, we
are here to give a clear picture of Web Hosting features and types for your
clear understanding.

The act of making your websites visible on the
World Wide Web is known as Web Hosting. There are several Web Hosting providers
who help to build the websites who store files and data of your websites.

For example, there are many best Web Hosting
Providers like Wix, Networks solutions, Squarespace, Site123, Web.com,
WordPress.com, HostGator, Jimdo and Zyro.


There are many types of Web Hosting. They
are as follows:

  • Shared

  • VPS

  • Dedicated

  • Cloud

  • WordPress

  • Reseller

Hosting types may vary with one another. It’s a
challenging decision to choose the right web hosting before you set up a new
website. However, it is important to consider the factors like budget, privacy
and security, flexibility, area of focus, features, hardware, customer reviews
and reputations before selecting the web hosting type.

Let us review the types of hosting….

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is suitable for beginners or new
entrepreneurs who want to start up their business with a shoestring budget to
build their website visible.

It is economical and affordable.

In Shared Hosting, the group of accounts is under
one Roof that is maintained by the Hosting Provider

The server and server resources of your website
are shared with many other sites. Shared Hosting is suitable for the size that
doesn’t get a lot of traffic. You may expect a slowdown as sharing the servers
with many parties. The best part of Shared Hosting can be shared by many people
so that the hosting experts can put any number of Clients in one server. The
operating costs will be shared by the Clients. Hence, Shared Hosting is

VPS Hosting:

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and also
called Virtual Dedicated Server. It’s a middle benefit option between the
Shared and Dedicated Hosting features. If you anticipate a lot of traffic for
your websites, then it’s better to go for VPS. The main server is being shared
by the fewer users when compared to Shared Hosting, but the particular portion
of the server is allocated to the customer.

Reliability and stability are ensured without the
threat of low speed. The virtual machine like CPU, RAM and disk space is always
allocated to your account. It is secured and can be customized. Payments depend
upon the features that you required that enable you to configure the servers.

However, you don’t have complete control over
your server.

Dedicated Hosting:

It is a type of web hosting that customers have
complete control over the server. A server is allocated for a customer with the
benefit of his unique requirement for optimal performance and security. It is
more flexible as it has a unique IP address and the server is not been shared.
It is suitable for the site that has high traffic or needs customization. 

However, it has fewer drawbacks than quite
expensive and the server could not be managed.

Reseller Hosting:

It is the type of web hosting where the bandwidth
and capacity space is been purchased by an organization/individual and sell it
to the third party. 

Even it is similar to the shared hosting where
the server has been shared by multiple users. But the reseller hosting gives
you the large portion of the server while in the shared hosting is only a piece
of the server to share it with the other users.

It has a greater number of features and the price
is comparatively cheaper than another traditional web hosting, hence the users
can focus on their business. As there is limited access to the server, there is
a high level of difficulty like changing providers will affect your clients and
you need to allocate the time for customer service.

Cloud Hosting:

In Cloud Hosting, the cluster of individual
servers are been used by the users for optimal performance and speed. It can be
referred to as the Mega Server. It can handle high traffic; hence many companies
opt for this technology as it is reliable, secured and scalable. It is a better
option in the long run. 

However, it has some disadvantages like more
expensive, trusting another party and no control over our private data,
technical issues and chances of data hacking. 

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