Photography captures the soul.

“You don’t take a picture, you make it.”― Ansel Adams

It took me a long time to see this, and you can laugh at me if you like. But here it goes.

Photography is an important art of our time. And it is the most accessible and democratic way of making art that has ever been invented. But first, let’s explain what is exactly the photography.📸

What is photography?

When is a painting a work of art? Many people believe that art is about the form and content. Content refers to the intention or message of the artist. Most people would agree that the art of painting, sculpture, installation,

sketching, carving,  and mixed media. In recent years, the art

world has embraced the use of photography as a tool for people to create works of art.🎨

We all know that photography is not a pure record of the world in sight: it can be edited and transformed in endless ways. Today, photography is the only art that takes care and maintains the attention to the importance.

Many people today believe that their phones are enough to take many photographs, and they do not need to buy a separate camera. And you know what? They are not wrong. For most people out there, a dedicated camera is a bit too expensive. Phones are better than dedicated cameras for most people. It is even right that we can take a unreal photograph just by using phone. Suppose a woman who is a little trained in photography buys a point-and-shoot camera and takes pictures of her children. Now lets ask her a question! Are you an artist? Most people with technical knowledge about photography would disagree. Finally, many untrained people now take snapshots using smart phones and organize them through apps like Instagram.

Are these people artists? Are their paintings artistic? Before taking a photo, the photographer first shows us the picture or arranges how you intend to take the picture by lighting, lens, and visual effects.

This means that the art of photography is all about making photographs – not taking snapshots.

Photography is now one of the most popular ways to create art and memories. Museums and galleries around the world regularly organize art/photography exhibitions.

By doing a Google search, you can also find many photo shoots, blogs about photography, and websites for photographers who develop their talents and artistic images.

Photography is a language spoken all over the world. Photography save time. Photography can convert moments into memories. Photos can keep the memory of a loved one alive, hold a moment in the history of future generations, and serve as a witness to tragedy or happiness. Photography is light. That light is often illuminated in the darkest places by the world’s most courageous and talented photographers or photojournalists.

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