What Happens if you Meditate for One Hour Everyday

 It depends to some extent on how deeply and how correctly you meditate.

You could meditate for an hour every day but be doing it completely wrong. Some benefits would still come of course, but nothing like going into regular, deep silence.

It is rare for anyone to go into deep silence every day – even advanced meditators have their restless days – but regular deep meditation will give the most benefits.

You have probably read about many of these benefits already: improved focus, creativity, relationships, sleep, general wellbeing; also reduced stress, worry, anxiety, depression and pain.

But here are a few of the things you might experience that people don’t talk about so often:

  • You are more able to cope with challenges and difficult emotions.

  • You find that certain habits start to fall away: smoking drinking, eating meat, drinking coffee etc. The suffering that these things cause becomes painfully apparent.

  • You become more sensitive and in touch with your emotions. Of course this is both good and bad. Suffering can intensify in a certain regard but you are becoming free from negative habits, beliefs, and thoughts.

  • You live less in a state of self-deception and more in a state of awareness. The issues in your life come to the surface so they are harder to hide from. Your flaws are held up in front of your eyes and this brings freedom.

  • People may be more drawn to you as a guide, someone to come to for advice.

  • You experience more intuition and synchronicity. Strange occurrences are accompanied by the sense that something significant is going on. Or you may be drawn to a certain place, or a certain person.

  • You are more driven and clear about what you want to do with you life.

  • You find it easier to be present in daily life so that your life becomes your meditation. You are more likely to come back to the present moment throughout the day.

  • You are less attached to things that used to worry you. The worry still comes, but then you realize it’s no big deal and that you can cope with whatever it is. You no longer get lost in the story of the mind.

  • You might find a meditation teacher or even a guru who can take you deeper into spirit.

  • You begin to realize that life is not as real as you once it thought it was. It begins to feel more like a dream, fragments woven together with the fragile string of memory. And you know that you can wake up, and when you do, the feeling will be bliss.

  • That bliss, that awakening, becomes the primary aim of your existence.

My friend, avoid setting high goals for yourself if you are not ready. Better to develop a consistent, daily habit than an inconsistent but lengthy routine.

And try not to be too results oriented. Have faith that the practice is working, slowly and subtly over the course of many months and years.

Best of luck in building your practice; it is the only choice that makes any sense.

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