Have you ever hung out during a crowded hookah lounge with hookah pens and wondered exactly how it compared to E-Cigs? Although both activities are very fashionable, they do have several core differences. Here is a better check out where hookah andE-Cigss both originated and how they compare to every other now.

The History Of E-Cigs And Hookahs

Our previous blog post, The History of Vaping, explored intimately how vaping has evolved over the years. The traditional Egyptians were the primary to create vaping in 5th century BC; consistent with historians, they used vapor to cleanse and heal their bodies and religious practices. The modern-day E-Cigs were invented within the 20th century.

Hookah was first conceived around 2,000 years ago in Afghanistan. People loved it because it gave them a convenient thanks to smoke-flavored tobacco. Eventually, the concept of smoking hookah and vaping spread to other countries, including the US.

How Hookahs And E-Cigs Are Different

Now that your skills both methods originated, we will discuss a number of the core differences between vaping and hookah:

They Use Different Methods To Make Vapor

One primary difference between hookah and E-Cigs is how they create vapor. The hookah uses a hookah and hot coals to form a vapor. After you illuminate the coals, the tobacco and other flavors will start to heat up and make vapor, which can then travel through the rubber hose and into your mouth through the mouthpiece. Meanwhile,E-Cigs (also referred to as electronic nicotine delivery systems) use batteries to heat the e-liquid before you inhale it.

They Use Different Ingredients

Hookahs andE-Cigss also use different ingredients. Hookahs use shisha tobacco and flavorings, which will include honey and glycerin. On the opposite hand,E-Cigs use e-liquid with propanediol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and several other food-grade flavors concentrated as its ingredients.

You Will Control What Proportion Nicotine You Inhale Whenever You Vape

Whenever you purchase e-juice for yourE-Cigs, you have got the power to decide what proportion of nicotine you would wish to consume. E-liquid comes during a nicotine level, so you will choose how strong you want it to be. You will also buy e-liquid with different vegetable glycerin levels. You will not be ready to control what proportion of nicotine you inhale whenever you employ a hookah at a lounge.

E-Cigs Are Easier To Work Than Hookahs

Many people believe it is much easier to vape using anE-Cigs than to use your hookah. Once you use anE-Cigs, you need to connect the battery to the e-liquid and begin puffing away to urge it to figure. Once the e-liquid is warmed up enough, it will release the vapor into your mouth. If you have a manual device, you will need to push a button to activate the battery and warmth up the coils, but that is it! You will even be ready to adjust the heat counting on theE-Cigs device you have got.

On the opposite hand, hookah has more components than anE-Cigs, suggesting that more things can fail. If the coals get too hot, they will spend the flavored tobacco, and you will experience a dry hit. It is often best to undertake to avoid dry collisions whenever possible since it can burn your throat. You furthermore may need to take care that you do not let the coals die down and lose their heat whenever you smoke a hookah.

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