Ways to improve your memory

Brain is one of the finest assets of humans. We are what we think and remember. Imagine waking up and not able to recall who you are . Sounds scary right? 

From remembering your name to learning complex numbers; the memory covers it all. But we all tend to forget some details as we grow older and that can be frustrating. With  increasing competitions around the globe and the rat race for jobs and skills, it is of utmost priority to  brush our memory and stand out amongst our competitors.

Memory is a complex part of our brain consisting of various cerebral activities and different brain connections. Our brain sends impulses to the synapses and passes on the signal further. If the process is interrupted , the impulse is lost. When we age or grow old the gap between the neurons becomes  less active , leading to forgetfulness.

There are several reasons why we lose memory. It can occur due to genetic factors , excessive smoking and other external factors. It can also arise from stress, lack of vitamin B-12 deficiency and side effects of medications.

The reason you are reading this article can either be the never ending rat race or the frustration of not remembering small details of your life. Whatever be it, i am about to share some life changing ,scientifically proven memory improvement tips to boost your memory. Stay glued till the end.

  1. What’s better than meditation?

 We all have been told atleast, once in our life to try meditations but we always brush it off from our head. I have been there. We all have.

Meditation is a state of attaining mindfulness and focussing on a higher prospect of our life. It brings your mind and soul at one place , increasing awareness of your own self.

What does meditation do to your mind? It increases blood flow into your brain thereby improving your memory. When we meditate , our brain stops certain activities and solely focuses on a particular thought improving concentration and improving memory in the long run. 

Research shows that people who meditate rightfully tend to lose memory slower as compared to non meditating people.

  1. Get enough sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining your memory. Research shows that six hours of sleep can help you to remember things better . Sleep helps your brain to function properly. So, if you want to improve your memory, fix your sleep schedule.

  1. Eat healthy food.

Food provides nutrients to our body. We are what we consume. Foods that can improve your memory are- fatty fishes, nuts , berries etc. We should incorporate this food in our diet . Study shows that food rich in fats helps to improve your memory power. Fruits also helps in improving concentration and helps you to improve your memory power.

  1. Interact with people

This may sound absurd but it’s true. Scientists state that talking and interacting with people can help your neurons to get active. Active neurons help in improving memory power. Man is a social being. So, go out. Talk to people. Learn about their lives, gain new ideas and improve your concentration.

  1. Exercise 

Our body is an interconnected network of organs. When one organ of our body stops it hampers the overall health. We should keep our body fit in order to improve our memory. Exercise helps in neuron growth. Neuron growth is responsible for memory power. Moderate physical exercise is responsible for a healthy body and mind.

  1. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol consumption can affect your brain and reduce your memory power. Alcohol consumption can reduce neurogenesis and hamper your concentration power.

  1. Supplements 

There are supplements present in the market that can boost your memory power. CBD oil present in the market is a promising supplement to meet your requirements. 


The above stated methods can boost your memory power. But, it may differ from person to person. These methods can improve your concentration power and thereby improve your memory.

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