Green tea and it’s benefits

Green tea is
one of the healthiest beverages in the world. 
It is rich in anti oxidants which are beneficial to human. Health experts’
claims that green tea have anti- cancer properties. In this fitness conscious
world, everyone is obsessed with anti oxidants, as a result green tea is
consumed widely by people. Its scientific name is camellia sinensis. Green
tea is obtained from unprocessed leaves and is unprocessed type of tea. Green
tea was traditionally used as medicines in ancient India and China.

What makes green tea healthy?

Green tea is
healthy because of the following reasons:

·       Rich in anti-oxidants (catechin)
called epigallocatechin-3-gallate.

·       Rich in anti-cancer properties

·       Helps in fat loss

·       Improves brain function

·       Reduces the risk of heart disease.

Health benefits of green tea

Rich in bio active compounds
beneficial to human

Green tea is rich in anti
oxidant such as catechin commonly rich in epigallocatechin-3-gallate. This
catechin helps to reduce weight, regulates estrogens and many more. It is known
to reduce inflammation and prevent various heart and brain diseases. Epigallocatechin
-3-gallate increases the effects of nor epinephrine that helps to promote
weight loss. Along with it, green tea contains polyphenol which have various medicinal
properties. These compounds prevent cell damage and provide various other
health benefits. It is also rich in certain minerals helpful for our body. But,
low cost green tea products are rich in fluorides which are harmful for the
body. You are requested to buy green tea from notable brands to avoid harm to
your body.

May cure your bad breath

Some researches show that
the catechins present in green tea can cure oral problems such as bad breath. But
there are not many proofs to back this research.

Reduces risks of heart attack

Cardiovascular diseases
such as heart attacks are one of the leading diseases of the world. But the
antioxidants present in green tea can reduce the risks of heart attacks. They regulate
the LDL cholesterols and thus help in preventing heart diseases.

Helps you lose weight

Green tea is known to
boost your metabolic rates thereby reducing your weight. They are known to
reduce fats in abdominal area. But, green tea shows effect when physical labor is
done or else, drinking green tea won’t reduce weight. Obesity is so common
nowadays that tea companies are feeding false information to their consumers. Weight
loss is an inclusive process, only green tea cannot help you lose weight. But when
paired with workouts, cardio, it shows effect. The ad on television which
shamelessly shows that a sip of green tea helps them to reduce weight is a
blatant lie. I read an article (nutrition students have to study at least 5
research papers everyday) stating that green tea only works when you walk to
the hills to fetch the leaves and this got me.

Can help you keep type 2 diabetes at

Some studies states that
green tea has properties that can improve insulin sensitivity and regulate
blood sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes is caused when insulin loses its
sensitivity and affects the blood sugar levels. One study shows that people who
drank green tea have lower risks of getting type II diabetes.

Prevents cancer

National cancer institute
states that the polyphenols present in green tea can reduce tumor growth and
reduces the risk of harm caused by ultra violet radiations. Enough though not
much is known about the mechanism of anti cancer molecules, but it is believed
that it prevents cancerous growth of cells which eventually prevents breasts
and other type of cancers. But the FDA (food and drug administration) that
these claims have no evidences.

Green tea prevents anti inflammatory

Green tea is known to
reduce inflammation of various body parts such as skin and joints. Recent research
on animal skin proves that green tea can reduce skin diseases and cure


Green tea through the eyes of a nutritionist

Many of the researches
are not based on proper evidences and this can be very confusing. Apart from
the facts I stated above, green tea is low calorie beverage with relatively
small amount of caffeine. It contains 20-25 g of caffeine whereas coffee has 90
g.  Green tea can be consumed by people
who are allergic to caffeine and pregnant women.

I believe everything in
this universe has both negative and positive effects. Since we have discussed
about the positive effects, let’s learn about the harmful effects of green tea
to prevent harm to our body. Green tea causes headaches to some people. Also,
the high amount of fluorides present in cheap green tea brands can be harmful
to our body. Everything is adequate amount is helpful for us, but when consumed
in larger amounts, these can do more harm than good.


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