10 Tips for Hosting a Budget-Friendly & Stress-Free Christmas Party

If you are the queen of hosting and would adore throwing the most memorable Christmas party but have encountered the dilemma of going on a budget, then you have come to the right place! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a good Christmas party? We all break the bank to entertain our family and friends just to make sure they have a good time all in the name of making our party talk of the town until it’s time for the next holiday season. If you feel spending all your hard-earned cash on one night of food and drinks sounds a little extravagant, then you are not alone. In the whirlwind of Secret Santa’s, school concerts and wrapping presents it is very easy to have your budget spiral out of control. 

Here are some tips to help you stay on you’re A-game:  


Tip #1: Party Budget 

This is where most people go overboard, make sure you keep a party budget and stick to it like glue! Then further break down this budget into how much needs to be spent on drinks, decoration, food, snacks, and utensils. Finally, start by making a list of all the stores and retailers that are offering holiday discounts then chalk out a plan of which stores to shop from. Do not forget to visit your nearest dollar store to shop for items at the lowest prices. Communicate everything to your spouse and make sure they are on board with this idea.  

Tip #2: No Fancy Invites  

This year instead of a fancy invite, send an adorable digital invitation to all your guests. They are free of cost, easy to make, and are environmentally friendly!  Just make sure to send a reminder to everyone, lest they forget. Furthermore, instead of giving boujee party favors, this year consider distributing candy canes with a cute message, such as ‘eat me’ or ‘happy holidays’, etc. 


Tip #3: Keep a Checklist 

Maintain an organizer or a diary to ensure you are organized. Keeping a checklist for each and everything is going to let you maintain a record of where you have been spending. Do not forget to delegate tasks, you can involve your close friends and family members to help run some last-minute errands, this allows them to get more involved in party planning, so don’t be afraid to ask.