Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the biggest surprises in the world today. In general, a computer or machine capable of performing the tasks required by human intelligence is called Artificial Intelligence.

The age of technology is making our lives easy day by day. It even adds complexity to our lives as it provides a new and easier way to perform our daily activities. Now, things should be taken a step further by using machine learning to drive the advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

How Artificial Intelligence is indulged into Our daily routine?

Health Care

It is helping a lot to reach people with various health-related reports starting from medicine which has made the work easier for people as well as doctors. Artificial intelligence applications are helping people to remember when they need to take medicine, exercise, and eat on time.

Business Industry

Artificial Intelligence is expanding in many business industries today. We are also exposed to AI in one form or another every day. From the mundane to the breathtaking, it has already become necessary for every industry that is disrupting every business process. It has become essential for businesses to maintain a competitive edge.

Digital World

There is huge potential for machine learning in Digital Media and it is now being used very efficiently in various social media platforms such as Google Play, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. 

Digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, as you all know, have gained worldwide popularity in the last few years.

Influencing the Banking Sector

Artificial Intelligence is used to solve many FinTech problems. It helps to cure daily challenges that are faced by many businesses. It brings power to fight against fraudulent transactions and improve compliance. The AI algorithm delivers anti-money laundering activity in seconds, which takes usually hours and days.


AI is helping to develop the transport sector. Cars, trains, ships, and aircraft to operate autonomously, and to smooth the flow of traffic, it has already been applied to numerous modes of transport. In addition to making our lives easier, it can help make all transportation modes safer, smarter, and more efficient.


Many companies around the globe, including Google, Apple, and Microsoft, have been working on AI. The only reason for this is to teach the machine like a man with intelligence so that the productivity of our lives can be improved.

Fourteen kinds of learning that you just should be accustomed to as a machine learning practitioner; they are:

Learning issues

1. supervised Learning
2. unsupervised Learning
3. Reinforcement Learning

Hybrid Learning issues

4. Semi-Supervised Learning
5. Self-Supervised Learning
6. Multi-Instance Learning

Statistical reasoning

7. Inductive Learning
8. Deductive inference
9. Transductive Learning

Learning Techniques

10. Multi-Task Learning
11. Active Learning
12. on-line Learning
13. Transfer Learning
14. Ensemble Learning




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