Keys to a longer life – (2)- Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is very important for maintaining physical fitness and contributes to a healthy weight and for a good digestive system. It also builds and healthy bone density, muscle strength, and joint mobility, and strengthens the immune system. People who actively practice exercise are correlated with preventing aging building a strong immune system. Case studies show that exercise can increase life expectancy.

Exercise can be performed in various ways or for various reasons.

It can be performed in the form of yoga, meditation, cardio exercise, running, walking, skipping, etc.

I’ll personally share my experience when I lost about 2-3 kilograms in just a few days, with a little hard work.  

When I was in my learning days, I suffered from backaches and pains very badly, since I was busy with my studies for like 12-13 hours a day. Also because I’m a chess player since childhood I had to sit in front of the board for hours. It led to serve back pains. My parents, even the doctors got worried since no one could find the actual reason behind the pain. I was given very high medications and was asked to exercise for a few days. Since I had a habit of sitting around, exercising could never become my comfort. And the pain continued. When Lockdown happened, I thought why not start living a healthy life. After having my dinner, I used to go for a walk with my mother every day without a skip. My first day was a little painful as exercising wasn’t in my routine. Still the next day I continued to keep the same spirit and went for a walk. Initially I and mum used to walk for half an hour but then it increased for an hour after a few days. We walked for like 5-6 kilometers daily after dinner. This was the time when I started realizing that my back pain was reducing. Though walking can alone not do all the wonders but having a physical bodily movement and that too without skip gave me a bundle of benefits which I wouldn’t have been got with gymming alternately.

Walking alone is a great way of exercise. If you aren’t feeling like exercising or doing yoga, you may go for a walk with your friends for at least 10 minutes to increase metabolism in your body.

Hence physical exercise not only reduces your weight, but also reduces the risk of pain, death, obesity, medications, restlessness, anxiety, worries, desperation, heart diseases, body sugar, and many more.

Your life is in your hands. There’s a quote, No pain, No gain. And therefore if you wanna healthy life later, try to work hard now, or else you’ll see the consequences later.

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