Is time really important for us?🤔

It is rightly said that,

                       “Time and effort can get you                                                     anything you want in world.                                                 But nothing can get you more time.”     

Time plays a significant role in our life. Time teaches us an important lesson that nothing is permanent in our life. Time heals everything in one’s life.

It is the most precious recourse because you can not get “time” back even after spending a lot of money.

It seems that there is never enough time in the day.    But, since we all get the same 24 hours .


Why is it that some people achieve so much more with their time than others?

The answer lies in GOOD TIME MANAGEMENT

So, here comes the importance of “TIME MANAGEMENT”

There is a clear cut meaning of time management that, it tells us how to manage our time effectively so that we can work on so many things in a short span .

If initially you started taking out some time for yourself then eventually after a period of time you will definately have a lot time ….Think on it!!

And you know in this ” me time” you can easily manage your time by having a check on your today’s task and time, in this time you can easily manage how and how much amount of time to spend on each task by making a to do list. In this way you can manage your time effectively just by giving yourself some time .

But today reality is totally different , people take time for granted, they missuse the time very stupidly and then, they say, they do not have adequate time to complete the given task.

I must say nowadays people give excuses for not completing their work like they do not have adequate time. But the reality is completely opposite, as they have equal amount of time, but they do not know how to manage it properly because of lack of poor time management skills.

Do not waste any moment, any second as you all know every second counts.  

The famous proverb,

                     “a stitch in time saves nine”

also highlights the importance of sorting out a problem at an early age.

Nobody knows their future but we can make our future better by using our time wisely . You all agree with me everyone’s mother is saying today that study hard if you want a bright future.

But at this point our mother is not wrong because our present actions can surely be helpful in deciding our future . Our present actions can give us fruitful results in our future.

If we look at the history all the famous personalities even our celebrities who are very successful in their lives , they are at that position only because of their hardwork and also because they are able to manage their time very effectively.

Hence, the bottom line is that we should never waste our time , we should always manage our time wisely by making use of time management otherwise the only option is to give excuses as excuses are” unlimited”😅.

The choice is yours.☺️

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