How to make your mind, your best friend?

Over times, we have heard scholars and people say that a mind is a powerful tool of living bodies. Mind brings life to every activity performed by a human. The mind is a luxury to man’s existence. 

Keeping every detail to acting over it is all how a mind functions. Mind has always been held as a king organ, through ages because of its working. One of which is conscious, something you acknowledge.

Other is subconscious, which is termed “mystical” by many. It is assumed that any thought revolving inside this zone will surely manifest in coming days or years. Yes, humans are fond of magic and mysterious icons, and they are more into the working of the subconscious mind.

Third comes the unconscious zone consists of all the random thoughts which occur out of nowhere similar to any drowsy state. It occurs automatically without any source of introspection creating confused feelings.

The title is more aligned towards focussing on the working of the subconscious mind. The famous book titled “The Power of Subconscious Mind” authored by Joseph Murphy has stated in simple terms that one can have anything if he knows how to control his mind. He has also told that mind can either be your friend or can destroy your existence. This is why it’s needed from us to focus on our mental health and strengthen the muscles present in there just to have a better successful tomorrow.

Tips to make your mind, your best friend

1. Meditation tops this list. Searching for a comfortable spot and closing eyes isn’t sufficient until you crack the mystery of working with it. Meditation means you are doing nothing, which means you don’t have to do anything. Don’t stop your thoughts enjoy being where you are, doing nothing at all. This calm feeling which happens later is something that your working mind needs, its personal space! 

You will notice that within 15 days, you have a focused mind, you tend to have more energy for working than before. In later days and months, you will also witness the miracles it will make you achieve.

2. The second important thing to do is have a healthy nutritious brainy diet. Include soaked almonds in your morning routine. Do it as a ritual as see the magic happening.

Include leafy greens with nuts  seeds in your diet. Remember, if you nurture your body and brain religiously, they will always be a ladder to your growth. Imagine seedling without soil, water and sun. Will that turn into a tree? No, same goes for the human body and brain.

3. The third most significant point is exercise. Exercising not only benefits the body but also is beneficial for the brain. Set an hour to exercise and follow it daily. Try solving puzzles and calculate without using your phone, within a week you’ll be adding numbers 30% more quickly than before in your brain.

Try incorporating these tips in your daily regime from today, onwards and see the magic unfold. Start creating a magical reality for yourself.

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