How to conquer your mind??🤔

Okay so if u want to control your thoughts, overthinking and if u want to train your mind to respond not to react then you come to the right place…

Mind is the most powerful tool but if we don’t use it correctly it can also be “the most destructive force” in our life. According to some research an average person thinks around 70,000 thoughts per day😱.

That’s a lot……

Means can you imagine you are not giving a single second to keep your mind in peace and then we all are saying that our mind is not in our control !!  At last it’s our mind , our child ,it will think the way we want to think.

Now wait, pause and think …who is the creator of our thoughts ?

Yes, you all are right it’s ” our mind “.

In today’s era when everyone is saying you hurt me, you irritate me, you cheat on me, you upset me and lot more…

So keeping in mind this situation let’s consider this statement ” you irritate me”, behind this statement there is a normal belief system that my mind lost it’s peaceful nature because of someone and the only way to get my mind in peace back is requesting them not to irritate me and more I request , more my irritation level increases and it is only because of this false belief system that you irritate me” and in this way it will become an endless cycle.

So ,who irritates me ?

My every thought which I created when they irritate me is what creates the irritation in me.

It is just a normal thing that the other person can have a different perspective , a different personality and he / she could have different definition of right which is completely different from mine and instead of calling them “different” we started calling them wrong like seriously ?? Think on it !!!

Now let’s explore is there an option to be with the same irritating person with their same behaviour but in this situation I remain calm.

Yes , we can do , this by simply detaching our mind with their behaviour. “That means our thought process is independent of someone’s behaviour “.We have to understand this, that someone’s power is only in outside world . I have the power to think ,what to think and for how long to think in response to what they have done .

We have to develop a thinking from today onwards that never ever blame someone for our internal thought process because it’s we who creates the thought . We just have to disconnect our thinking with the situation because outside world can do nothing with our internal state of mind .

Your mind can become your best friend, your biggest supporter and someone you can count on to be there with you when no one is there with you and encourages you to do some positive things in your life .

By programming our mind in right direction we can control our thoughts by which our mind will react the way we want for the rest of our life .

The choice is yours!!!!🙂

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