Dental Crowns: How To Restore Damaged Teeth?

Having injured or damaged teeth can be very bothersome and inconvenient for a person. Apart from the fact that it can affect an individual’s appearance, damaged teeth can also change the natural function of the teeth and mouth. Fortunately, people with damaged teeth problems now have plenty of options in having their teeth fixed, with the application of a dental crown as one of them. Just like other types of cosmetic dental procedures, the Dental Crown Procedure does not just improve the appearance of the teeth but also restores the teeth’ natural function.

Dental Crowns | Benefits, Procedure Details & Cost Info


If you have damaged teeth, Dental Crowns Near Me are no doubt the best option for you. They provide one of the most efficient ways to restore damaged teeth and prevent further damage to them and to the rest of your pearly whites.


There are alternatives to cosmetic dental procedures that enable damaged teeth to be repaired properly, particularly veneers. According to most experts, however, a tooth crown is more appropriate for patients suffering from severe structural damage of the teeth. Veneers are also an outstanding option for mending damaged teeth, but only to some extent.


Tooth Crown Procedure:


A dental crown is actually a tooth-shaped cap or covers that are placed over a damaged tooth. Its main purpose is to improve the appearance of teeth by covering stains, holding together broken teeth, and hiding misshapen teeth. They are usually prefabricated in a dental laboratory. And while the permanent crown is being completed, a temporary crown may be worn in place. You can get them at Houston Dental Clinic from Dentist Houston Tx.


What Are Crowns Made Of?


Crowns can be constructed from metal, ceramic, or porcelain. Among the three, metal is the most durable and is the ideal choice for crowns placed on the back teeth. Ceramic and porcelain are less durable and can easily get damaged if the person has a habit of teeth-grinding or nail-biting. The main advantage of these two over metal, however, is that they provide a more natural look as they can mimic the natural color of the teeth. Find A Good Dentist

To determine the correct option for you.


How Long Do They Last?


As mentioned, metal crowns are stronger and have more chances to last longer, although ceramic and porcelain may also last several years. For crowns to stay stronger for longer, though, the patient must be diligent in practicing proper dental hygiene such as regular brushing and flossing.

What Are the Common Causes of Bite Pain on a Crowned Tooth?


Where Can You Receive Dental Crowns?


You can obtain dental crowns at most cosmetic dentistry clinics because it is a primary cosmetic dental procedure. To increase the rate of the success of dental crowns, however, you need to make sure you receive them from a qualified and reputable practitioner.


The dental crown procedure is considered one of the most sought-after dental procedures today.


Dental Crown cost:


The minimum cost of dental crowns in Houston, TX is $1,500. Prices may vary based on various aspects including the doctor’s fee doing the procedure and the severity of the case, and may also differ according to other dental procedures required before delivering your dental crown.

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