Beware of the Hand Sanitizer Scam

Ideally, one thing we all have learned during the pandemic is that hand washing is an essential habit for healthy living. Let’s beat the virus today and embrace cleanliness behavior to ensure better health outcomes in the future. It is a proven fact that sanitation alone can significantly reduce the risk of cross-transmission of infection in healthcare.

Encouraging good sanitary measures at home and conveying its importance from an early age as part of a daily routine at school and home will help to ensure that this practice becomes part of children’s lifelong habits.

Ongoing COVID-19, multiple fraudsters are ramping up their scams and schemes related to the outbreak, misleading numerous consumers in the market. It’s not always in the name there is much more to it! Buyers need to watch out for labels authenticities, ingredients that claim to be effective by fully enquire about it.

Let’s look at the factors needed for a washing upgrade:

1. Key to Clean hands

The best way for your kid to learn the right method of using a Kid Safe Hand Wash is to keep a sand timer and have your child turn it in every time they come to wash their hands. Teach them to lather well and wash between their fingers and nails to make sure no germs remain. As soon as the sand timer finishes they can rinse their hands.

2. Need of Antibacterial Hand Wash

Plenty of grocery stores are full of antibacterial soaps which promise immunity and fight against Covid-19. What’s the truth behind these antibacterial products do they battle dirt and germs? Exposure to conventional products filled with harmful chemicals like sulphates, parabens etc makes the skin drier, risks health as well as damage skin so choose wisely a Hand Wash For Dry Skin which also has antibacterial properties, kills a good amount of bacteria thus ensures your well-being!

3. Choosing natural variants

Choose zero-chemical, plant-based organic hand washes that are made up of 100% natural ingredients that shields you from all illness-causing germs guarantees you as well as the safety of your loved ones.

4. Moisture-filled hand wash

With constant washing of hands and sanitizer on daily basis affect our skin barrier poorly to reclaim our moisture back opt for eco-friendly Moisturising Hand Wash that cleanses your skin and washes away dirt in a gentle yet effective manner.

Despite the fact sometimes we tend to forget about the importance of hygiene due to the busyness of day to day life, the recipe for good hand hygiene can be quick and simple to implement. But knowing how to inculcate health and hygiene habits and making it a part of their growing up is crucial for your kid’s healthy upbringing.

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