How to take care of a toddler during the lockdown

How to take care of a toddler during the lockdown


The worst part of the novel virus SARS-CoV 2, causing COVID 19 disease, is that it does not discriminate against anyone. It attacks both the rich & poor, healthy & vulnerable, young & old,  including toddlers. It puts their parents under more pressure to be careful from viruses and safeguard their loved ones. Toddler’s age is when the infant does a lot of first like walking, smiling, saying goodbye, and tremendous social, intellectual, and emotional changes. Hence to take care of a toddler during lockdown becomes more important than never before.


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Though the deadly virus has nearly killed one million precious lives, it has also had its right side. It has put most parts of the world under lockdown, which could be harmful to the livelihood of people and the economy. But the lockdown and the work from home concept have given parents ample time to take care of toddlers. If not for the pandemic, the toddlers would not have got the time and affection from their parents. 

And to make the most of the lockdown by taking care of the toddlers from the virus and helping them have better physical and mental development is the need of the hour. 

Tips for taking care of toddlers during the lockdown:

The 12 months to 36 months period is the toddler stage for children to achieve certain milestones. It includes how they crawl, walk, or jump and the way they first start to play, learn, speak, and behave with others. Additionally, they will explore new objects and show greater independence. The following tips will help take care of toddlers during the lockdown and for their future.

  • Never come close to the toddlers or touch them when coming from outside into the house before thoroughly washing the face and hands or better taking a bath.
  • Never allow the toddlers to touch or the use the mask is worn outside and put it in the waste if it is used and throw or wash it thoroughly before using it again
  • Never allow any visitors to touch the toddler before taking precautionary actions
  • Though public playground and other parks are still unsafe with as the deadly virus may linger on hard surfaces, taking the toddlers on a ride outside and to secluded places to enjoy nature once in a while is important
  • Reduce their time on TV, games, internet, and others and spend more time with them to read, help them identify objects, body parts, play a matching game, develop language talking and encourage to explore new things
  • Enhance toddlers’ growing independence by allowing them to do their dressing and feeding and enjoying the moment to cherish for a lifetime
  • Provide them with the right food with all essential nutrients to keep them safe from the virus infection


Its big concern! Toddlers are the future and parents’ reason to live and hence to take care of them with the utmost care during this lockdown will help them and reduce the stress and other issues for the parents.

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