Maintain a Healthy Cedar in Your Backyard

If you have a cedar, one question must arise in mind all the time – how to keep it healthy? Well, cedar hedge trimming is an important step but you also have to water, fertilize, prune, and protect it. The positive thing about cedar trees is that they are not really demanding. They stay safe from problems like insects and diseases.

As the owner of a lush green backyard, you have the responsibility to maintain the garden. In case you do not have so much time on your hands, simply go for the cedar trees – they might be the answer to your time issues! Cedars provide maximum privacy for you to enjoy nature and they are “gorgeous”.

Maintenance of Cedar Trees

If you plant a cedar hedge in well-drained and rich soil, it can live for more than 60 years. Here is how you can play your part –

1. Water the Cedar: Cedar can live without rain for approximately a week. If there is no possibility of rain in your area, the wise choice is to water the cedars. It will help the moisture penetrate down to the roots.

Steps for Proper Watering –

· Install the hose directly on top of the root balls of the cedar hedge

· Water the cedar for an hour every week

· Water the cedar in the evening when the sun is gone. This will prevent the foliage from scorching. Water long enough so that the water can penetrate the soil surface.

2. Fertilize the Cedar: While planting the trees, if you have added a phosphorus-rich fertilizer; you would not require any kind of fertilizer afterward for a year.

After that, you can add the fertilizer in an even layer. But remember never to use fertilizers after mid-July. That will give your trees enough time to get ready for the winters.

3. Insect Attack: A Common Problem for Cedars

· Spider Mites – These are neither insects nor spiders per se. Spider mites are little arthropods that suck the plant fluid from foliage. If your cedar trees have been attacked by this large-scale infestation, you will observe discoloration on the foliage. You can treat the spider mites through a big blast of water that can be destroyed by the webs easily. You can also use the insecticidal soap for the spider mites.

· Leafminers – Leafminers are tiny nocturnal moths that always lay their eggs in the cedar hedges in July and August. As soon as these eggs take birth and stay awake in the spring season; they start feeding on the foliage. All the damaged leaflets will have a change of color. They will be yellow at first and start turning brown. Small caterpillars emerge at the end of May and mid-June, you will observe moths. You can identify leafminers as white moths on the hedge. To get rid of these moth eggs, you have to indulge in annual pruning. Search Google for “best hedge cutting services near me” and you will get help in controlling the leafminer population.

Protection in Winter Season

Although cedar hedges are resistant to the winter season, they can get damaged due to other reasons. The right way to protect your exposed cedar trees is through the installation of geotextile, winter fencing, or wood lattice. Through these methods, you can protect the trees from de-icing salt and blowing snow.

Prune the Cedar Hedges

You should prune the cedar hedges due to multiple reasons –

· Control shape and size of the hedge

· Manage the population of insects

· Improve the density of foliage

Type of Pruning

1. Trimming – To make sure that the growth is healthy, you should take out the pruning shears. Cut out broken, dry, or dead branches in the spring season.

Although you can prune the cedar hedge any time of the year, the ideal time is between June and August. Initially, you only have to prune the sides of the cedar so that there is a larger base in comparison to the top. If your cedar trees are in a conical shape, that helps the sun to penetrate and promise better resistance towards snow.

2. Topping – It means trimming the cedar tops as soon as they reach the desired height. You can also trim the top of it reaches the maximum limit laid out by the municipal. Always aim for a round shape.

3. Rejuvenation – During the fall and spring seasons, you can rejuvenate the hedges that have been ignored for years. If you want to make sure that there is no significant or permanent damage to the hedges, always hire a professional cedar hedge trimming service.

Cedars are beautiful and their greenery should be endured. So, if you are planning to keep them strong and healthy in the yard, simply get in touch with Hedge King Ottawa. Our experts will trim the hedges perfectly and you would not have to worry about anything.

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