A Collage Of Vivid Experiences – College Life!

A glimpse of the beautiful college days…

“Pata nhi kya jaadu hai college life mai. Jahan anjaane milte hai aur dost ban jaate hai, zindagi bhar ke liye. Au raise waise dost nhi…” –Chhichhore (2019)

If you have watched that movie, then you will surely realize that college is not all about studies and career stuff. It is also about the friendships that are bred during your journey as a college student. That movie shows a small part of your college life which clearly shows how fun it is. Furthermore, I will take you on a concise trip to show the wonders of this world.

College life is the bachelorette party before you gonna go commit to your career. It is up to you, to either visit Las Vegas and have a great time or have a regular night-out at a pub, but where is fun in that. Undergraduate College is whatever you want it to be; giving you a chance to do every legal or illegal thing, you always wanted to do. The regular classes accompanied by some assignments are just constant guests who are never welcomed but trust me it is all worth it. Considering that all those lectures aren’t boring at all, giving you allowing you to learn from professors with some stories, which are the highlight of those morning hours. College life is also about the friends you meet and fooling around on the campus at midnight. The funniest part is you might not like your college but it is sure as hell you will always remember your college life.

The college will be different than your school days and experiencing it will only tell you the difference. The first week of college is slightly uncomfortable which makes it more interesting. Your batch is going to be the highlight of the college for a few months. Your interaction with seniors will show you different aspects of the college lifestyle which will create more havoc inside your heart. Giving yourself a tour of the college, going to the canteen which is where probably you will meet your girl, or exploring the hidden and haunted places with your buddies, listening to interesting stories.

Good Beginning Makes a Good End, The First Year decides your future in college. Soon, you will be accustomed to college life and you will become a senior. You will find many people from different cultures and bust the myths about various stereotypes about them. Don’t underestimate your Hostel life, it will be the topic of conversation for most of your reunions. Moreover, it will help you to manage yourself giving you a sense of responsibility for your living standards. You may curse the food provided by your mess but it is worth giving a try even if your college is in the same city. College is also about making good contacts and connections which will help you which is the reason many colleges advertise their Alumni Network. This is beneficial for you. College Time is also about managing your time between studies and other stuff which will prepare you to manage between your Professional life and Personal life.

Reading the above lines may amuse you and divert you from the actual reason you are going to college which is your career. Everything I have written above is the byproduct of the process, which is indeed essential to make college life fun but remember the prime motive of going to college. Indeed, it is up to you to ponder upon what you want to do in the future and choose that specific path. It is also not necessary that if you are in an engineering college, you will choose it as a career path. We have a lot of time to think of a plan and act on it, keeping engineering as a backup because you might not end up where you want to be but you will need a job for bread and butter.

Summing up, College is all about having fun keeping prospects in mind. Remember, a good college will always help you to reach the goals which you have decided and it is up to you to exhaust your college’s resources and mold them in your favor. And remember, it is time for you to know who you are and what you want to be.

-Submitted by Niket Gupta, via CollegeTime

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