Car Audio Wholesale Distributor

Whether you have an existing car audio shop or you are planning to
become a dealer, you can trust us at Big 5 Electronics. We carry a large
selection of car audio products and make sure your customers will enjoy their
quality as well as affordable prices. Our aim is to offer as many products as
possible because we know that your customers may have various needs and tastes.
Choose us as a top car audio distributor and the
number of your customers will grow day by day. They will leave your shop with
satisfaction and come back for more purchases.

Delivering the most affordable name brand audio products, we have made it
very easy for our customers buy whatever they want. We are the nation’s premier
12-Volt Wholesale Car Audio Distributor and assist our customers to grow their
car audio business. If you are a retailer in California, you can trust us and
buy various types of audio devices online from various brands and in a number
of sizes. We offer:






Head Units




iPod Adapters

Marine Amplifiers

Marine Head Units

Marine Speakers

Marine Subwoofers



Sound Dampening


ü  Subwoofers

ü  SubwooferEnclosures

Being in this industry for many years, we already know the market inside
out. Thus we understand what your customers may be looking for. While other
companies failed through time we worked hard and doubled in size bringing a
higher level of customer service and value to the marketplace. As a top car
audio wholesale
distributor, we strive to establish strong
relationships with both retailers and manufacturers. Thanks to our honesty and
reliability, we didn’t close our doors and expanded our product line.

Simply order the car audio products from us and we will deliver them
fast so you can sell them in your store as soon as possible. As a retailer, you
will also enjoy bulk-buy wholesale pricing as well as timely order delivery.
Even if you haven’t yet started your own car audio electronics business and you
have just decided to enter the market, we ensure you will have a great
experience with us.


Whether you want a complete range of car
audio devices
or just a specific product, there is always a
suitable match waiting for you. For example, no matter what type of subwoofers
you need, we have many sizes available. The sizes include 8″ – 10″ -
12″ – 13″ – 13.5″ – 15″. Your customers will always have a
nice selection at their disposal because we stock different subwoofers like ALPINE


You can also order car amplifiers from us. Thanks to them, the sound
becomes very clear. You can even raise the volume to its maximum level and
enjoy its perfect sound. Being the nation’s premier car audio wholesale distributor
we have an extensive collection of brands for car amplifiers. This is because
we want our customers buy their whole merchandise from one reliable
distributor. With us, you will avoid the hassle of dealing with numerous car audio
distributors. Thus, be sure you will find different brands available in our

Marine Speakers

If you are also searching for water-resistant marine speakers, you can
browse our wide range of collections. You can enjoy durability because our
marine speakers have plastic cones with rubber surrounds that ensure excellent
durability. There are many brands available because we believe your customers
have different tastes and demands. Choose from ALPINE – CADENCE – DUAL -
KENWOOD – KICKER and you’ll be satisfied with their top quality.

Becoming a Big 5 Electronics

To become a Big 5 Electronics customer, you just need to fill out a
dealer application available on the website. Simply click on the Forms For Dealers
tab and you are good to go. The application includes any customer requirements.
Once your application is submitted, an expert from our team will get back to

Shipping Services

Along with a large collection, we also offer fast and convenient same-day shipping on approved orders received before 3 pm. For credit card accounts,
charge approval must be received before an order is shipped. However, if any problem
arises with the card, the order might have to be shipped the following day. You
can still contact a sales associate in order to get further details.


You will get numerous benefits if you choose Big 5 Electronics. Even if
a problem arises, your order will be shipped the next day. What’s more? Our
responsible team also offers you will-call services. You need to order the
product online and it will be in stock as you arrive. At Big 5 Electronics, we
have responsible drivers as well who can drive all across Southern California,
from San Diego to Bakersfield and anywhere in between in order to deliver all of
your orders on time.

Wherever your retail store is in California, we are able to fulfill your
customers’ needs. As a retailer, you will have peace of mind that you can enjoy
our bulk-buy wholesale pricing besides the mentioned timely order delivery. For
any questions or just assistance, our friendly staff is also there for you and
you will enjoy the highest level of customer service. We do our best so that
your customers will have no complaint and you will be proud of what you are
reselling. Contact us today to get started and you’ll learn
more details! 

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