How will the Americans benefit by electing Joe Biden as president?

Joe Biden will be officially sworn in as the 59th
American president on January 20, 2021. 
But it is not without many challenges from the outgoing president
Trump.  Even after winning the most
polarized election in American history, Biden has to overcome these challenges
to take the oath of office as the most powerful person in the world.  But the big question is, how will the
Americans benefit by electing Joe Biden as their president?

The experience of Joe Biden from being one of the
youngest senators to become the oldest president has not only helped him to
become president-elect.   It will also
help him to overcome the coronavirus challenges, which are far yet from
over.  It was one of the significant
trump cards to beat Trump in the racial inequality hit the presidential
election.   But the COVID 19 crisis is
still looming large among the Americans with the Trump administration not
taking it seriously during the initial stages. From coronavirus to other
issues, Biden has promised the Americans the following to benefit them in the
next four years.

·        –  Biden is to set up a national contact tracing
program by hiring more than 100,000 people to provide free testing to all in a
minimum of 10 testing centers in all 50 states.

·         – To uplift the economy and employment in the
pandemic hit America, Biden is to spend whatever it takes to extend loans to
small businesses.  One of the promised
proposals is to give an additional $ 200 as social security pay months, $
10,000 to student loan forgiveness for federal loans, and increase direct money
payments to families.

·        –  Under Biden’s “build back better” dubbed
economic policies, he proposes to raise the minimum wages to $ 15 an hour,
which is more popular among the young people

·       – Paris Climate Accord, which Trump withdrew during
his presidency, will not only be rejoined, but Biden has promised to rally the
rest of the world to make it free of emissions by 2050


·       –   Biden plans to spend  $ 2 trillion investment in green energy to
boost green manufacturers and, in turn, the working-class union workers o
n Obama Healthcare, which was undermined by
Trump, Biden wants to expand it to reach 97 % of Americans and expected to
spend more than $ 2.25 trillion for it in the next ten years

·         – Biden has promised to restore America’s reputation
by repairing relationships with many US allies and also has said that China
would be held accountable for unfair trade and environmental practices

·         – Biden is to set up a  $ 30 billion investment fund to support the
business of minorities as per his plan to bringing down racism through social
and economic programs

Though Biden’s electability is more an issue than
his policies, he has clearly won a tough election deeply polarized against
Trump.  Biden’s campaign cornerstone was
to uplift the American middle class.  It
is evident from Biden’s famous speech of America being built by the middle
class more than the CEOs and Wall Street bankers. But all have to wait until
January 20 to first confirm  Biden being
sworn in as the president to fulfill the above promises and more for the
Americans’ benefit.

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