Valentine Day makeup look

Valentine day is a very special day for love
birds out there. Respecting and showing feelings for one another is one of the
best feelings in the world. Love is a very essential feeling that brightens up
your life. Having someone around you and spending some time with them is
yearning for all. So if you are planning to go out on a date with someone, you
would want to look gorgeous and put together. So here I am with a makeup
tutorial for valentines day.

  1. Opt for a red dress

You can wear a red
gown or bright colours because red is the colour of love. Opt for one piece one
colour dress to get that chic glamorous look.


  1. Moisturize your face

Moisture your face to
avoid dryness and rashes. You can use the biotique moisturizer or nivea
moisturizer to get soft glowing skin.

  1. Prime your face

Primer is necessary
to blur out imperfections and pores. It acts as a barrier between your skin and
base. A properly primed face acts as a firm base for your foundation.

  1. Apply your foundation

You can choose a
foundation according to your tone and skin colour, texture and price. There are
a variety of foundations in the market. I use Maybelline fit me foundation in
the shade medium beige. You can also use a bb cream or a cc cream as your base.
Take a generous amount of foundation on your palm. Apply the foundation on your
face in dots. Now damp your beauty blender and blend it into your face.Don’t
push the foundation downwards. Instead, apply it in dabbing motion. You can
also apply the foundation using a foundation brush. But I prefer a beauty
sponge. Remember, blending is the key.

  1. Conceal your under eyes and dark spots.

Under eyes and dark
circles are a turn off for women. Even though dark spots and pigmentations are
natural, women chose to hide them with a concealer. If you have severe dark
spots, you can use a colour corrector before using a concealer. You can buy a
colour corrector palette. But if you feel your dark spots and under eyes can be
concealed using a concealer, you can skip the corrector part. Invest in a good
concealer because it works wonders. I prefer using the Maybelline colour
corrector and it is the best in the market.Apply the concealer in a V shape
under your eyes and blend it with a beauty blender. Use less product because in
makeup, less means more. Use a little amount of product and build up gradually.
Apply a little amount around your nose and lips. The area around the lips are
usually pigmented and have dark spots. If you have an unclear skin, apply on
your acne spots to hide the scar and blend it into your skin. Now you have a
flawless base.

  1. Apply a contour

Contouring is hard
and you need practice to ace it. After applying foundation, our skin looks flat
and dull. Our skin looks flushed and white.Contour adds dimension to your face
to give you a sculptured face and feminine features . Contouring makes you look
lean and your features are enhanced. You can buy a contour palette or you can
use the brownish shade from your eye shadow palette. Contour your nose and
cheekbones and there you are!! You look like a goddess. Contouring your nose to
sculpt and enhance your feature is one of the best tricks to shape your facial

  1. Apply your blush

Since this is
valentine day makeup, you can opt for a coral or pink tone that goes with your
shade. You can apply the blush using a fluffy brush on the apples of your
cheeks. You can invest in a good pigmented blush for that pinky, fresh look.

  1. Use a highlighter

Highlighter glows up
your skin and gives you that shine. It adds glamour and beauty to your face.
Invest in a good highlighter which is super pigmented and you will glow like a
queen. Use a highlighter brush and apply it on the highest portion of your face
where lights hit first. Apply on your cupid’s bow, bridge of your nose and
inner corner of your eye. Make sure you choose your shade according to your
skin colour. I love the Maybelline highlighter and it is super pigmented.

  1. Apply your lipstick

Lipstick is one of
the vital steps of makeup. It completes the whole look. Since this is a
valentine themed look, apply a red lipstick and you are done. You can choose a
liquid lipstick from any brand you love.

  1. Use a dark colour eyeshadow to complete the look.

Eyeshadow highlights
your eye and makes you look gorgeous.Before applying eyeshadow, apply a little
amount of concealer on your lids. Use a transition colour as a base. Now opt
for a dark colour and place it in the inner corner of your eye. Blend it
nicely..Now take any colour you love and place it on your lid.Use a blending
brush and using the wincing wiper motion, blend the eyeshadows and there you
are done.

  1. Complete the look with a winged eyeliner.

After applying
eyeshadow, use a liquid or a gel eyeliner to outline your eyes. Use dots and
connect them if you are a beginner. Use a coat of mascara on your lids and hola!
You are ready.

There you are! Wear high heels and add
accessories to complete the look. Enjoy your day.


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