how to take care of your skin?

Oily skins
require extra care and are prone to breakouts. They make our face oily and
greasy. This makes us look dull and spoils our makeup. There are several myths
about oily skins claiming that there is no need for moisturizers is baseless.
The sebaceous gland present in our skin secretes oil when lead to breakouts and
acnes. Acnes are women’s worst enemies. They make them less confident and
uncomfortable in their own skin. But proper care and right products can prevent
the stubborn acnes and bumps from spoiling your morning. So, let’s talk about a
lazy girl’s skincare routine that can be completed in 3 easy steps. This three
step skin care routine can make your skin oil free, acne free and make you look
gorgeous. The regime is budget friendly and easy available in the market. I
will recommend some of the products that will suit your skin.

Wash your face with an oil free cleanser

Cleansers are used to remove dirt and dead skin cells from our face that
gets accumulated in our skin. But in oily skin, the oil secreted by the
sebaceous glands traps more dirt than regular, normal skin. The dirt and the
dead skin cells get trapped into your pores and clog them. An oil free cleanser
must be used to unclog the pores and remove the dirt from your skin. Even
though you are advised to use oil free cleanser, make sure you use a product
that does not dry up your skin. Some of the cleansers that I recommend are:
good vibes oil free cleanser, Neutrogena oil free face wash and clean and clear
face wash and Ever Youth face wash.

Scrub your face twice a week

Scrubbing removes dead skin cells and unclogs clogged pores. Clogged
pores causes acne black heads and bumps. It can remove dead skin cells and
prevent skin diseases. But, scrub should be used gently on your skin. You can
use chemical exfoliations to scrub your skin too. But I prefer physical scrubs.
Avoid products that have added fragrance. Because fragrance can irritate your

Moisturize your skin

There are myths that states, that oily skin does not need a moisturizer
and it’s a blatant lie. Your skin needs a moisturizer irrespective of your skin
type. But does your moisturizer makes your skin more oily?  That’s because you are using the wrong
product. People with oily skin must switch to gel based moisturizers. Gel based
moisturizers does not make your skin oily. Some of the best affordable gel
based moisturizers are: ponds light gel moisturizer, Aloe Vera gel and many

Apply your sunscreen

Many people are skeptical about sunscreen. They complain that sunscreen
tends to make their skin oilier and leads to breakout. Try using gel based
sunscreen that is manufactured for oily skin. Sunscreen is a must. Some of the
best affordable gel based sunscreens are: Re’equil sunscreen, Neutrogena ultra
sheer sun block etc. They are super affordable and non greasy.

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