The Ultimate Guide to Manage Your Wedding During Covid-19

You wanted to marry in a grand style with
your loved ones. You had planned colourful functions to hold at the ceremony.
You wanted to hug your best friend as you’re brimming at your D-day!

But Alas! Covid- 19
has come and your dreams have drowned in the water. This dangerous virus has
spread worldwide.  There is still an
outbreak in India, so due to which many marriages had to postpone a few months
ago.  But now, the season of marriage has
started, and people are becoming conscious about attending weddings amid Covid-19 pandemic.

The Government has
formed rules for organizing weddings during the Covid-19 pandemic. As per
the rules, you have to invite only 50 guests to the venue. Also, you have to
keep checking on social distancing and safety measures.

So, here are tips to manage your
marriage during Covid-19

Be Safe and Keep Others Safe
Then Marry

Take suggestions of your family members and friends
regarding the venue. Select the venue according to your budget. Ask the value
coordinator about pandemic guidelines. Tell your guests to follow these
guidelines.  You should ask about whether
and which safety measures they take for the venue. Ask them about the availability
of extra PPE kits, Masks, and Hand sanitizers.

Carefully and Stay Away From Infection

Make a guest
list.  Call only those people from both
families who are very close to you. Ask other relatives politely to don’t
attend your marriage. They will understand your concern regarding the current
situation. Send a Digital invitation card in the form of an email to each
guest. Invite different guests to different functions of the wedding so that
more guests can participate in your marriage.

But Be Careful

Do minimal functions.
Also, you can organize functions at your home with few guests. What’s more,
you can do
Mehandi, sangeet, and other functions virtually
. Host Baraat without
Band- Baja. Dance at the baraat by keeping social distance and putting face
masks on. Some venues provide satellite dance floors and satellite bars.

and Eat

The venue should offer seating
arrangements for guests
by keeping social distancing and personal
space measures. The sofa for family and the banquet for 2 or 3 people can be
good seating ideas in the venue. Book the catering company that makes food by
following strict safety and hygiene guidelines. Also, you can arrange
self-service food counters.  You can
arrange packed food boxes for guests as well. But don’t try the buffet at the
venue as it can cause infection.

Wash Your Hands and Come to My

Ask venue coordinators
if they locate a separate sanitizer counter at the entrance of the marriage
hall/Venue.  From this counter, guests
must wash their hands with sanitizers given by the staff before entering the venue.  During the marriage, the venue should keep
sanitizers bottles in many places so guests can use them.  The venue should advise guests to wear face
masks during the ceremony.

Marry Your Lover Creatively

You can host marriages
with creative themes such as
Drive-in movie,
Virtual wedding, social distancing wristbands for guests, and signage with
written safety guidelines.

See, organizing your
marriage during covid- 19
is very easy. You should just change your
perspective regarding it.

So, tell us your
innovative ideas to manage your marriage during covid-19 in the
comment box below. 

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