Best Unique Black Christmas tree Decoration Ideas

                                                           The magic is in the tree

HO, HO, HO! Christmas is here. The holy holiday of pure happiness and bliss, when all the merry children happily wish. The time where families around the world rejoice in their warm homes in front of the firewood, with their hot chocolates, holding each other. Children are running along the snowy streets and singing the sweet melodious carols for all the families in front of their doors. Churches are filled with loving families, especially the grandparents, who bless their eyes and ears as they see their little children in the choir, chirping the words of the Bible in a sweet rhythm, holding lighted candles. Christmas is the time where families can be together in harmony and enjoyment as they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and most importantly, enjoying the decoration of the Christmas monument and symbol ……The Christmas Tree.

                                                            The Holy Evergreen Tree   

How It All Started?

Do you know what makes Christmas look cooler and beautiful? Homes and streets filled with shiny bright and colourful Christmas trees. It is a tradition followed by the Christians for a long time as the Holy tree symbolizes the season of Christmas and the birth of Christ. Martin Luther (a 16th Century priest) added the first lighted candles to a tree in awe of the shining stars he saw one night walking home. 

And Till Where It Went

Over the years, Christians have been brightened their trees with shiny ornaments, fairy lights, large reddish-green socks filled with little gifts and mini candy canes. As Christmas Eve arrives, under those very trees, little children hurdle to open their gifts which they foolishly think came from the (mythical) Santa Claus or you never know. Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes; pine shaped trees or pencil-shaped trees. They even come in different shades like the Black Christmas Tree. Wait…what? Yes! A BLACK CHRISTMAS TREE.

                                                     “ONLY IN THE DARKNESS, YOU CAN SEE THE LIGHT “

The Black Beauty of Christmas 

I know the questions which are probably wobbling around your mind after hearing a “black Christmas tree”. You might be thinking “How can you decorate a Black Christmas tree and doesn’t it dull the colours of Christmas?” No it does not! Have you ever seen stars shining in daylight? No, you haven’t. But if you ever stand under the night sky and gaze upon it, you will the stars shining and twinkling, leaving you starstruck. Why not get the same amazement from a black Christmas tree?

Black Is the New Green of Christmas 

Highlights of Christmas 

 Black Christmas trees are now the new trend of Christmas decorations as the dark gothic shade gives prominence to the shiny glass ornaments leaving us all astonished as if stars touched the trees. You can add metallic items of silver and gold to give a nice shining pop to the tree, tangled around with ferry and LED lights.

Sizes and Shades

 Like the ordinary Christmas trees, you can get black Christmas trees in the same shapes and sizes. Sizes can vary from 3ft to 30ft above and there can be diversity in shades of black Christmas trees like they can be available in pitch black, different shadows of black, you name it! It’s Christmas after all and never stop yourself from enjoying it to the fullest.

Shop on a Budget!

It’s a fact that nothing comes for free anywhere and nothing comes cheap. You can’t go to a gaming shop and ask the shopping ushers to” give this game at a cheaper rate” or you can’t tell a renowned essay writing service UK to “write my essay for me cheap”. But, hey! It is Christmas and you can always buy a good pine tree on a budget or if not a real tree, there are always artificial trees you can purchase on the market and so what if it’s not a real tree, it’s always about keeping up the Christmas spirit.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Again, it’s not about the trees you put up for Christmas, let it be green or black. It’s not about how you celebrate Christmas, it’s not in the material, and it’s in the US! It’s all about keeping the Christmas spirit in our hearts and cherishing it with our loved ones. But again, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a good Christmas tree?

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