Apple-One bundled with music

Apple-One bundled with music, arcade and TV + subscription

Apple the most valuable brand over the last few years, headed by Tim Cook as CEO, launches the new gambit to lure more population towards the deepest interconnected network working more safely, effortlessly, and consistently toward its goal of highest services revenue before the year ends. Hence, one of the longest rumoured and most awaited news about bundling together of the Apple Music, Apple arcade, Apple TV Plus has got unveiled with the news of Apple confirming the package.

It was announced at an online event held on 15th September revealing the bundle which includes Spotify competitor Apple Music, Apple TV (streaming on-demand videos), gaming subscription with Apple arcade, Apple Fitness+, storage on iCloud, and Apple news+ (Not applicable for India). Apple One is a package that charges a higher amount but lets you save more too.

The 3-Tier of Apple One subscriptions are mentioned below according to their prices. The Individual and the Family plan is available in 100 countries but exceptionally the Premier plan is only available and limited to the UK, US, Canada, and Australia.

Individual Plan: The cheapest of the three as it costs $14.95 per month. This plan provides you with Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and (50GB) iCloud Storage.

Family plan: It costs $19.95 per month. Once subscribers desire to upgrade the individual plan to a family plan they enjoy 200GB iCloud storage along with this it allows the family sharing of the other benefits of music, arcade, and TV+ with up to six family members.

Premier Plan: This plan gives you the real sense of bundle package hence it includes the Apple fitness, Apple news, and 2TB iCloud storage beside other benefits. The US cost is $29.95 per month.

Why One should opt for the Apple One subscription

Never the less Apple One comes with bundles of benefits:

Talking about the ecosystem, Apple is creating a unanimous ecosystem in a family apart from saving money. Even one family member getting the subscription can help others get their music, gaming, and entertainment all in one monthly subscription. It brings you the option of a one-month free trial.

Considering cashback and savings, if one purchases its subscription with an Apple card he can get 3% cashback. Individual services like Apple Music, Arcade and TV+ charges Rs.99 each per month along with the charges of iCloud storage according to its storage facility,i.e., Rs.75 for 50GB, Rs.219 for 200GB, and Rs.749 for 2TB. So even If one subscribes to the individual plan of Apple one can save Rs.177 per month.

Moreover, nowadays the storage has grown the essence in our lives where we save the maximum part of lives on the cloud and its easy access plays an important role for us so the charges for the same storage bring the best cost saviour.

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