Professor S. Radhakrishnan needs no introduction- a complete spectrum of intellect, a scholar with an unending thirst for knowledge, a potent speaker, a profound thinker, an innovative educationist, a gentle and down to earth human. Possessor of all these outstanding qualities, Sir Radhakrishnan served and held the Indian spirit high by teaching at Madras, Mysore, Kolkata, Banaras Hindu University and Oxford University and was a visiting Professor to many others. The audience would not stop clapping and being amazed with his intellect and the way he communicated, the flawless knowledge transfer and the astounding memory, and stupendous sweep of mind.

People recognize Professor Radhakrishnan as not just a teacher but a scholar. His performance contained a sense of belonging and pride for the profession of teaching. His wide spectrum of knowledge motivates many amongst our youth to opt for the noble profession of teaching and be a good teacher and serve the nation by inspiring many students to do good in life.

What was it that made him a great teacher worth celebrating his Birthday as Teachers’ Day? What is it that distinguishes a normal teacher and a teacher who leaves a mark on whoever he / she interacts with?


  1. A good teacher motivates and encourages students and enhances their confidence

The major challenge today why students enter the deadly mental problem of depression is that students think that their teachers, parents do not believe in them in turn they stop believing in themselves and have more behavioral and academic issues.

A good teacher has an easy solution to this issue by making learning goal-oriented and encouraging growth-oriented mindset. By setting defined goals with students, they will have a better understanding

of accomplishment. Embedding this psychology helps students build confidence from their own progress. A growth-oriented mindset can be developed by actions as simple as encouraging students to expand their answers more consistently or being interactive in class. A good teacher never forgets the power of reassuring and encouraging students verbally to instill confidence in their abilities.



2. A good teacher knows effective class management


A knowledgeable teacher who has a strong hold on the subject and is thoroughly prepared to deliver and knows the art of communicating well may fail for a simple reason being unable to deal with notorious lot who tends to misbehave in the classroom.

A teacher needs to strategize on organizing the students, learning content, space, and use of classroom time to help students enjoy an organized, structured environment and inculcate an environment conducive to learning. A good teacher knows how to enforce a good classroom behavior and establish fair, reasonable, rules to behave well.


3. A good teacher is prepared to deliver and deal with the inquisitiveness of his / her class

An effective teacher comes to class prepared to teach. Organizing time and preparing content is one of the most important aspects of effective teaching. Knowing the content is an important aspect of teaching effectively. A teacher who understands concepts, keeps abreast with new ideas in his/ her field shall certainly count as a tool to being an effective teacher.


4. A good teacher sets high expectations for students

Effective teachers keep their students boosted up to perform beyond expectations by consistently challenging students to do their best, and teaching students to believe in themselves. They don’t praise low quality work and keep pushing students to meet standards they could reach. They use praise and rewards strategically to motivate. They understand and keep a check on students’ understanding and react to changes in performance.


5. A good teacher acts as a role model

Good teachers model the same behaviors they want to see in their students. They help students cultivate desirable habits and behaviors and act as role models by being aware of their own behavior. Students observe and learn how to speak, act and treat others. Displaying behaviors of patience, understanding, empathy and communication encourage students to develop these same skills. A good teacher encourages students to be honest with one another. A good teacher always cultivates open communication and ask their students for feedback to identify if students are struggling with a specific topic. This way they cultivate a two-way communication and strike a good rapport with students.


To conclude in the words of Prof Radhakrishnan, the true teachers are those who help us think for ourselves. Therefore, to be an effective teacher make a student reflect and carry out self-analysis and cultivate a constructive future.

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